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Studio Spaces for Hire

We have two studios located at Seksyen 51, Petaling Jaya. Studio A with 5,422 square feet floor space, and Studio B with 1,550 square feet floor space for production and event usage. We offer flexible spaces for filmmakers and production teams.  Catering for the building of complex sets, multi-cam stages to green screen.

Studio A

The Film Studio (Studio A) features a 5,422 square feet of space that is primarily used for productions. It can also be used for exhibitions, workshops, rehearsal or events. The space is fully optimized with cyclorama, catwalk and basic lighting.

Studio B

The Studio B located upstairs is a separate space that can be used for smaller occasion such as dance rehearsals, photo shooting, meeting, and any performance training. The space is also equipped with a L shape cyclorama backdrop that is suitable for photography.

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