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Director Showreel. Below are Richard's selected works based on the brief. 

Stefani Longshamp
IMG_5893 rev_00001 2.png

Based on the brief, our director Richard Koh will be the proposed director for this project, in collaboration with your creative team. His philosophy is "crafting to perfection". Some of the spots as shown below are directed by him, working with various advertising agencies.

Richard Koh brings his extensive creative experience in Advertising  (Leo Burnett, NagaDDB, FCB) after working at many of the major clients over his 26 year career. Richard’s has also won a number of local and international awards, including the prestigious ONE SHOW. He joined Pixelpost team in 2016 and brought his familiar approach to build on the services and talent pool.

Richard Koh Showreel

Richard Koh Showreel

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All Categories
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Richard Koh's Showreel

Taobao TMall Video 1

Taobao TMall Video 2

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