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Director's Showreel. Below are our selected works based on the brief. 

Stefani Longshamp

First involved in production in the year 1986 as a free lance props master for a local feature film production. Later joint production full time to become a freelance Art Director and Set Designer for some local television programmes.

Got involved in Television Commercials Productions since 1994. Initially started as Assistant Art Director for some foreign Art Directors and Production Designers before becoming Art Director & Set Designer and later to Production Designer for local and foreign TVC.

Worked in many Commercials, not only those aired in Malaysia but also for other Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Filipina, Hong Kong to name a few. Apart from shooting and working for local productions, I have also worked in productions abroad in countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

These Television Commercials includes the earlier Petronas Corporate Commercials, such as The Little Indian Boy for Merdeka, No Charge for Hari Raya, Lee Lian’s best friend for Chineese New Year and almost all of the telecommunication companies, like Maxis, Celcom, Telekom, Mobicom, and a few others including some from abroad like Indosat, Telkomsel and Excell.

Apart from these brands, others includes products like shampoo, food, fast food, ice cream, milk, drinks, automobil, cosmetics, furnitures, fesyen, and many more.

Now a full time freelance Film director since 2004.

Khairul Anuar Showreel

Khairul Anuar Showreel

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