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Our Services
Customised to your desire

Creative Partner

We translate the brief into a carefully thought out and well developed  series of compelling videos or a programme that can add depth and meaning to situations, while exhibiting values such as bringing laughter, joy, sad, excitement and entertainment

Video Production

Strategic planning before we shoot is key to hitting your target audience squarely and driving sales through the funnel.  Our film directors will assess your competition, your brand goals, and your budget, and deliver a concept, a script, and a storyboard that will ensure that your video is successful.


Post Production

Our post-production capability offers a unique mixture of the best creative talent and end-to-end cutting-edge technology so you can concentrate on creating inspirational campaigns. In creating the final product, we offer full post production facilities encompassing video editing, audio, multimedia, graphics, 2D & 3D animation.

Visual Effects

Take your video  above and beyond the conventional limitations of video production — with top quality VFX by the best video production. We’re veterans in rotoscoping and compositing.  Let us reveal our mettle in modeling, CGI, digital matte paintings and animation to bring your vision to life and bend reality to your liking.


Whether you’re in need of 2D: illustration and animation or visual effects, or 3D: moving pictures in a digital environment – Pixelpost has the tools– and the solutions – to deliver what you need within your budget and timeframe.

Sound Design

We have a full-service recording and mixing studio. From emotional or atmospheric scores for narrative projects, to industrial soundtracks for promotional purposes, we’ve got the talent and equipment to make audio magic happen.

Pixelpost Adaptation Work

Commercial Adaptation
from Foreign to Local

We adapt foreign commercials to respective countries' requirement. Official and legal documentations will be processed by us to meet the rules and regulations of the broadcasting law, TV stations and broadcasters including uploads of final materials output based on the specifications of respective TV stations and broadcasters.

Studio Space for hire

We have two studio located at Seksyen 51, Petaling Jaya. Studio A comes with 5,500 square feet studio floor, and Studio B comes with 1550 square feet for production and event usage. Our studios are suitable for any scale of production from Online Video Content to TV or Movie series, we offer the most flexible space for filmmakers and production team from planning to building up the actual studio set, film stage or green screen.

Pixelpost Studios
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