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2D & 3D Animated TV Series.

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A series of animation produced for KBS & Prime TV in collaboration with Studio Raon and 3 Papas.

Client: 3 Papas Inc
Animation & Post Production: Pixelpost & Studio Raon

Robotex is an action adventure animation about the fatal encounter between human children and the Metal Organism 'Robotex' from outer space. Robotex and the children fight to defend and save the earth from the evil force.

26 Episodes x 23 minutes

Ages 8 - 12


Broadcasted in KBS/Prime TV

Robotex TV Series

Robotex TV Series

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Robotex I TV Series

Robotex-Episode 1-English Dubbed

로보텍스(Robotex)-어린이날 특별 영상(Special Episode)

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